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Dr. Raelene Walker, MD, FAAP

The California Chapter 1, American Academy of Pediatrics supports Sacramento Kids First because we know that investing in children improves their health now, prevents many health problems long term and significantly improves the health and well being of the entire community.

Staci Anderson

The Youth & Family Collective believes it is time for Sacramento to make a substantial and consistent investment in our youth. That is why we support Sac Kids First.

Jay Franco

I believe the Sacramento Children’s Fund is fundamental to build a better future for the youth in the city. I joined because I could not sit around and watch our communities being overlooked and underfunded for the sake of centralized development.

Leesai Yang

I support Sac Kids First because of the people behind it. Not just caring adults, but young people who understand the needs of their community!

Nia MooreWeathers

I support Sacramento Kids First because I understand the difference that art and music education makes in early childhood development and building social/emotional intelligence.  If children are really the future, we should give them all the tools which will allow them to live healthy, safe, and successful lives.

Belen Flores

I support Sac Kid’s First because I feel that children and youth should be a priority.  In order to do that, we must ensure that adequate funds are set aside to help them reach their fullest potential.

Dee Khang

We can finally establish what Sacramento is missing which is a dedicated children’s fund. This is just the beginning of our dream goal that we all have been waiting for since we started this effort in 2015.

Derrell and Tina Roberts

Real investment in our youth may take a 10 year period.  Remember, our acknowledgment of the importance of early childhood education can best be supported with continued quality support thru mentoring, quality alternative programming, job preparedness and college prep services.

Emily Bender

I support Sac Kids First because I believe that education doesn’t just happen in the classroom. Funding after school programs, such as athletics and service projects, will enable young adults to develop leadership skills and gain a sense of pride in themselves and in their communities.